The Fourth Estate is looking for original articles from journalism’s Industry leaders – we want your critical analyses, your case studies, and your insight into innovations in the world of journalism.

Accepted content will be featured on the Fourth Estate's publications, website and social media outlets including Journ.Pro, our journalism social network.  

The  Fourth Estate  is committed to the advancement of journalism  in the public interest, and most play active professional roles within  the news ecosystem.

  • If you wish to contribute, submit your article pitch using the form below. We do not accept email or phone pitches.
  • We  pay $50-$125 for articles of 800 - 1,500 words, and up to $500 for a  longer investigative or scholarly articles of 1,500 - 3,000 words.  Payments are made via PayPal.
  • Articles accepted will be paid upon publication. We do not currently pay kill fees.
  • No  self-promotion -- any content containing promotional elements or  advertising will be rejected. We will also reject articles for which a  promotional fee has been paid to the author.

  • Articles  will be edited for accuracy, clarity, quality and length. We will make  every effort to work with a contributor on any editing, though we cannot  guarantee authors will review their work prior to publication.
  • If  detailed attributions or references are necessary, please incorporate  them into the article according to accepted journalistic principles.